//  26.7.2012

   Summer morning treats. Smoothies made of fresh berries from the back garden and ripe nectarines.

   //  25.7.2012

   Flowers from the garden this morning and the ones I picked exactly a year ago in England.

   //  20.7.2012

   Grasses, my all time favorites. I remember picking a big bunch of them when I was 7. Mum tied a ribbon   around it and put it drying. We had those            grasses for years. Some memories never fade away.

   //  15.7.2012

   What can I say. Summer!

   //  11.7.2012

   In Finland July is called heinäkuu, a grass month. I bet a big bunch of different grasses would look great!

   //  8.7.2012

   This summer has been a real flower summer.

   //  3.7.2012

   July year ago in England with plums.

   //  2.7.2012