//  4.5.2013

   I picked a tiny spring bouquet from the forest, this year's first one. I also made a little holder or so for it from birch branches. It's so lovely to see how          everything's bursting with life again after the snowy times.

   //  4.5.2013

   Here are the last of my Italy pictures. So many good memories and places in them. Getting lost in sunny Venice, spooky church full of skulls and bones,        streets of Milan, art happenings, rooftop of Duomo and the last view of the Alps from the plane on the way back to Finland.

   //  27.4.2013

   Between all the Italy pictures I want to show you what I've been doing today...

   In the beginning of this year I had a great chance to take part on a ceramics course. It's finished now and here are the results. A set of six bowls in two        different colours. I'm pretty happy with them since I was a first timer with the casting technique. Today I had a little photo shoot and tested them out.        What a great feeling to use something you've made yourself!

   //  25.4.2013

   What's typically Italian? With that thought I headed to the local shop and wandered between the shelves for quite a while. It's one of my favorite things        abroad to visit the food stores. If I could I would have brought the whole vegetable section with me. Fresh and so inspiring! But 'cause I couldn't, I chose      olive oil, pecorino cheese, coffee, pink newspaper and (of course) chocolate in my basket. I especially love the colour of the newspaper, I could almost          frame it.

   //  23.4.2013

   Venice pt3.