//  21.1.2013

   I miss you spring, please come soon!

   //  10.1.2013

   Sometimes all you need is a little glimpse of light.

   //  7.1.2013

   I absolutely love English trees. Here are a few snapshots from my camera.

   //  6.1.2013



   2012 in 12 memories: listened black birds in England, spent busy days with school projects, walked wet streets of Stockholm, saw friends, visited new          museums and exhibitions, folded 7424 times, took my boyfriend for a day trip to Tallinn, celebrated birthdays in the garden, photographed friends'              summer wedding, said hello to the autumn in England, was part of a team which designed and built a room to a fair, dreamed of snow on the dark days of    November, designed my first set of cards and enjoyed of our very white December.

   //  6.1.2013

   Happy 2013 everyone! My year changed in England this time. It was like a little trip to a kind of a spring in the middle of our winter. No work, lots of sleep    and plenty of drives to the country side. Lovely! Anyway, now it's time to look what this busy January has in store for us.