//  26.3.2013

   Sun has been out a lot lately and I love it! I was born in April, so spring is definitely my season. One early morning I came by a group of birds chirping          away at the top of a tree. You should have seen the smile on my face! I only wish I could have stayed there for a while longer...

   //  16.3.2013

   I found echoes from last summer, a bunch of dried beauties. I remember picking them one bright morning and setting the table for a summer brunch.          Here they are now waiting for the warmth again.

   //  14.3.2013

   I'm adding a hint of colour to this whiteness.

   //  14.3.2013

   Oi Mr. Spring! I've already geared up and prepared for you, so can you stop playing with me please.

   //  10.3.2013  

   I miss you England! Can I come back already?

   // 8.3.2013

   Even that I've been extremely busy lately I was able to squeeze in a short trip to England. I felt so happy! London, friends, hazy spring days, snowdrops,        milky tea, sunday roast, lovely, LOVELY lunch at Ottolenghi's, lazy mornings, Boots, Magners in a pint bottle, just to list a few. Here are three views from    my journey there. Finland > England.