//  27.4.2013

   Between all the Italy pictures I want to show you what I've been doing today...

   In the beginning of this year I had a great chance to take part on a ceramics course. It's finished now and here are the results. A set of six bowls in two        different colours. I'm pretty happy with them since I was a first timer with the casting technique. Today I had a little photo shoot and tested them out.        What a great feeling to use something you've made yourself!

   //  25.4.2013

   What's typically Italian? With that thought I headed to the local shop and wandered between the shelves for quite a while. It's one of my favorite things        abroad to visit the food stores. If I could I would have brought the whole vegetable section with me. Fresh and so inspiring! But 'cause I couldn't, I chose      olive oil, pecorino cheese, coffee, pink newspaper and (of course) chocolate in my basket. I especially love the colour of the newspaper, I could almost          frame it.

   //  23.4.2013

   Venice pt3.

   //  23.4.2013

   Venice pt2. I let the pictures do the talking.

   //  20.4.2013

   Everybody should get there once, to the magic city of Venice. Colours, time and sounds seemed different there. History was all around. It left me feeling      curious. A few hours weren't enough there. I'd like to sense Venice late at night and first thing in the morning.

   //  15.04.2013

   Ciao from Italy! It was my first time there and I think I will return one day. We stayed in busy Milan and got a full effect of the design week events. There    was so much to see and experience that it left me feeling a bit buzzy. Although churches, which seemed to be around every corner, offered a needed            chance for a break between walking, walking and walking. Have you ever been in Milan?