//  3.11.2012

   I'm early this year and my 2012 Christmas cards are ready and available. Yeppee!

   As it's very obvious to me, I got inspired by nature, colours and Nordic simplicity. So here it is, my first ever set of Christmas cards. I'm quite excited...

   There are 6 different designs: geometric ornaments, treetop bullfinch, berry birds, tree trio, snowflakes and a fluffy fox.
   All cards have been printed on 300g/m2 matt paper, are approx size 9.8 x 14cm and their other side is blank.
   Price is 1.50€/card + postage.
   Cards are all available individually and you can mix and match them as you wish!
   If you live outside Finland, I do also accept Paypal payments.

   If you got interested: girlfromthecorner (a) gmail.com

   Kiitos! Thank you!


Anna said...

I really love your photos!

Hanna H said...

Thank you Anna. It's nice to hear that! :)